Oy Rostrum Ab was established in 2009 and is active in following areas:


  • Importing specialities from Germany, products you usually don't find in Finnish shops
  • Running Cafe Blanka in Folkhälsans senior house in Brunakärr, Helsinki (as from September 2018)
  • Bookkeeping service for small companies and entrepreneurs in Finland

Until 2013 we owned and run the German bakery Crustum in Helsinki. After 3 years with Café Daja in Kronohagen, Helsinki Rostrum opened its newest Café in Folkhälsans new senior house in Brunakärr, Helsinki.

Also in  Café Blanka we follow our tradiotion and offer German bakery and pastry products, daily lunch and an excellent coffee in a relaxed atmosphere for everyone.

Café Blanka is open daily from 9-21.


You can reach us by phone: 044 960 2016 or mail.